Put Your Entire Content Strategy
On Autopilot...

Stop me when this sounds familiar:

Even if you're using research tools like Zag, SemRush or Ahrefs, it takes time to find a single, compelling content angle that can actually drive growth.

Let alone dozens... or hundreds.

And once you do find some awesome topic ideas that tap into rising trends - or soak up viable search traffic - someone still has to sit down and create all of that content.

While outsourcing the actual writing makes sense, finding quality writers (and then managing endless projects) is no cakewalk, either.

This is the "hard work" part of the content marketing equation that you just can't escape.

So... what if we did literally all of that for you?

With Zag's 100% done-for-you insights & content service, now you can:


Strategic Content Fulfillment

by Zag.ai

Currently we offer 3 options for content fulfillment:

  • Rising Trends (DFY): Our analysts isolate trending topics for your keywords, and then task our writing team on your behalf.

  • Competitive Gaps (DFY): Our analysts identify the most compelling content gaps between your site vs your competitors, and then task our writing team on your behalf.

  • On-Demand: If you're a marketing intelligence wizard, then you can task our writing team directly, at a reduced cost (since you're doing the research).

Let's take a quick look at each option...

Rising Trends (DFY)

The key to sending shockwaves through your market? Knowing what to say, and when to say it...

There's a lot of bloggers & influencers who have built a huge audience simply by tapping into the right trends, at the right time.

But actually discovering viable trends to write about - let alone writing about them - is a huge undertaking.

So why not let our experts discover the hottest trends in your market right now - as well as the actually create the content?

This way you can put your content marketing on autopilot, and keep your audience more engaged, more often...

Competitive Gaps (DFY)

Sick of watching your competitors scoop up all the best search traffic?

Stop surrendering your would-be customers to the other guys, just because they have more organic exposure in the SERPs. Start grabbing some of that real estate for yourself by targeting new content towards the juicy, long-tail keywords that your competition is currently getting traffic from.

Our experts will identify your best content gap opportunities, and then craft the perfect content that the search engines need, and that your (new) customers will love...

Our writers are world-class and North American based. Here's some examples of what we can deliver:

On-Demand Content

Just need a great writing team to fulfill on your research & ideas?

If you're a wizard at using Zag & other tools to discover trends, analyze competitors and expand your content targets - then our on-demand writing services are a perfect fit.

Turn your ideas into results with our world-class writing team, who can handle anything you wanna throw at them...

Our writers are world-class and North American based. Here's some examples of our work:

Get Access Instantly Until May 10th:
Onboard Instantly, for $0 Deposit (Reg. $3,000), and

From April 29th -  11:59PM PST May 10th, we're letting Zag's customers upgrade to Enterprise and use Strategic Content Fulfillment for an initial deposit of $3,000 $0...

Why does this matter? Because only our Enterprise users get:

  • Access to Strategic Content Fulfillment (SCF) Our flagship service, where we can put your entire content strategy on autopilot (see details below).

  • Access to Zag's intelligence apps on a PAYG basis: You don't need yet another monthly subscription in your life. Enterprise users are able to simply activate apps when they need them, and deactivate them when they don't.

    Paid apps range in price from $8/mo - $12/mo. Our 5 analytics & insights apps are priced at $0/mo for Enterprise users. There is no requirement to run any apps to keep your account active, etc. See our apps here.

So what's the catch?

The SCF service is our big bet for Zag's future, and we want to let as many people try this out as possible. For this reason, the only catch is that to forever lock-in Enterprise access to Zag, all you need to do is order 2+ articles from our SCF service before May 10th (11:59PM PST).

And that's it.

On May 11th, after this kickoff launch has ended, we'll simply go through and revert anyone who upgraded to Enterprise (by clicking the button), but who did not order 2+ articles, back to their previous account status.

If you miss out on this, upgrading to Enterprise after May 10th will go back to our usual vetting process, with an initial $3,000 deposit required to get started.

One last thing: 

As an added bonus for power users, if you order 5+ articles before May 10th, we'll also add 150 credits to your account :)

Instant Upgrade Instructions:

Here's a quick recap of everything, and how to upgrade in the next 60 seconds:

  1. Login to Zag here

  2. Click the Upgrade button that pops on the welcome screen. (It also pops when you go the Upgrade Options link, top-right nav menu). The process is immediate.

  3. On the Left-Side menu, go to Content > Order Services

  4. Order 2+ articles of any type (Trends, Competitive Gaps, or On-Demand) before May 10th 11:59PM PST

  5. OPTIONAL: Order 5+ articles before the same cutoff to receive $150 in credit, which we'll apply manually in the following week.

Reduce Your Entire Content Strategy to a Few Clicks...


Why do I need to buy your content services, specifically? Why not just deposit $X credits to spend on whatever?

Because we are pivoting our business model to primarily target content marketers who are looking for strategy-driven fulfillment.

This gives us a real edge against our (huge) competitors in the SaaS space, and later into Q3/Q4 2019 we’ll be solely focused on acquiring fulfillment customers, instead of just SaaS.

With that in mind, this launch is sort of like a 2nd pilot program, on steroids…

Can I see sample content & strategy summaries?

Sure thing! Between April 29th-May 10th, just login to Zag, upgrade to Enterprise (instantaneous, one-click), then go to:

Content > Order Content > [Trends, Gaps or On-Demand]

On each of the ordering pages, you can see samples of content & the summary reports.

What if I don’t have a website / client that needs content?

There’s still a number of ways to turn content into a marketing asset, even without publishing it on your site. Examples include:

- Posting it to your Medium, LinkedIn, etc.

- Using it as guest content on well-known sites in your niche

- Using it to create a short whitepaper, then sharing it on relevant forums, FB groups, subreddits, etc.

- Using it as pre-sell content for paid campaigns on FB, Outbrain, Taboola, etc.

And so on. Content that’s based on trends will probably be best for “siteless” use-cases like this.

What if I don’t like the content that gets delivered?

No worries – you’ll be able to send back your edits/feedback, and the assigned writer will work with you to get it right. You’ll find in general, though, that these revisions are usually just small details (or minor things that are contextual to your niche).

Zag’s writers are a very experienced team, and we’ve used them in other businesses as a sort of “spec ops” for content fulfillment.

I’m currently an Insights Pro or Beta customer paying $99/mo. Does upgrading to Enterprise cancel my current subscription?

In short, yes. We’ll be going through manually and ensuring that those subscriptions are discontinued in Stripe, shortly after you upgrade.

If any rebill payments are charged in the time after you upgrade (and before we can cancel it manually), we’ll either refund or just apply the payment as a credit balance for PAYG, which you can then spend on content or apps – whatever works best for you 🙂

Are the marketing analysts also writing the content?

No. We have specialists that use Zag’s tools to find competitive gaps & identify trends, and then create a project brief based on that research for an assigned writer.

Do I have to wait for the analysis to come back first, and then rubber-stamp it before it goes to the writers?

No. For now, the DFY research + content services don’t require any input from you until the content is received back (at which time you can request revisions, if needed).

In the future we might change this, but given the volumes we expect, and to control turnaround times, it’s easiest to simply take your basic criteria and create strategy-driven content for you.

If you need total control on content themes / topics, then you’ll need to do your own research and use the On-Demand service.

How long does it take to receive my research+content deliverables?

After pressing the order button, we can typically turn it around in about 7-10 business days. (Generally less, but 7-10 is a safe buffer).

Where can I learn about the apps that I can now access on a 100% PAYG basis?

Check them all out here >>

They range from $8/mo – $12/mo. After you upgrade to Enterprise you’ll be able to see their pricing from the Add Apps page.

You can activate/deactivate apps any time in one click. No minimums or weirdness 🙂

Sumo-lings: To make this upgrade as seamless as possible, we’ve set PAYG pricing on each of the 5 Insights & Analytics apps included in your AppSumo LTD to $0/mth… so you’re not losing any functionality.

Lock-In Enterprise Access:

Strategic Content Fulfillment is ONLY Available to Enterprise Customers.

For Enterprise customers, Zag's apps & content services are individually priced and 100% PAYG following an initial deposit. To forever lock in Enterprise access, please login, follow the upgrade prompts, and order 2+ articles before May 10th (11:59 PM PST)

Apps & Services are individually priced and 100% PAYG.

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